• Nordic Africa conference Uppsala, Sweden 2018

    Presenting a paper on the “potential of ICT to facilitate digital learning, social profiling and distant education in emerging countries”

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  • ASA Europe's Diaspora Economic think home Initiative” International Summit" in Helsinki, Finland.

    Presented a paper on a new Model for Document Management in e-Government Systems Based on Hierarchical Process Folders 

  • Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi DP, BSc (Hons), B.A. MSc, MBA, PhD

    Won Prestigious Humanitarian and Service awards for Igbo community in Finland.


Encryption Techniques: Advantages and challenges

The widespread use of cryptography is a necessary consequence of the information revolution. With the coming of electronic communications on computer networks, people need a way to ensure that conversations and transactions remain confidential. Cryptography provides a solution to this problem, but it has spawned a heated policy debate. Some agencies restrict the use of data encryption because of fear misuse. .........

Foreign graduates can substitute for the shrinking working-age population in Finland

How to improve the employability of foreign immigrants graduate from Finnish higher institution. According to the thesis, Mr Claret identified the factors and obstacles that hinder international graduates tapping from the shrinking labour force in Finland. The study proposed different recommendations. ..................

Congestion Control and review TCP functionality

This paper discusses congestion control and review TCP functionality that provides congestion control techniques of handling buffer –overflows, loss of packets and congestions that we experience over a network. The primary focus is on discussing the four intertwined algorithms, namely slow start, congestion avoidance, fast retransmit, and fast recovery, which will help us to solve this congestion problem.







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When Walmart enters the Finnish Market what should a Finnish retailer do strategically?

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Parallel Merge Sort – implement a classic sorting algorithm utilising concurrency

A. Onwutalobi, D. Wang, N. Vasilev,

News flow controversy: evaluation of news imbalance and distortions

[287] A. Onwutalobi,

Understanding of Encryption Techniques and its advantages and challenges

[287] A. onwutalobi

Congestion Control and Review of the TCP Functionality

[101] A. Onwutalobi

Building an effective strategic E-commerce development plan for a startup company entering the Nigerian market

[105] A. Onwutalobi