A New Approach For Image Cryptography Techniques

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Abstract-With the progress in data exchange by electronic
system, the need of information security has become a necessity.
Due to growth of multimedia applications, security becomes an
important issue of the communication and storage of images
Encryption and Decryption is used to securely transmit data in
open networks. Each type of data has its own features; therefore
different techniques should be used to protect confidential
image data from unauthorized access. The principal goal of
designing any encryption and decryption algorithm is to hide
the original message and send the non-readable text message to
the receiver so that secret message communication can take
place over the web. The strength of an algorithm depends on the
difficulty of cracking the original message. In-kind of algorithm,
.a combination of four S –boxes lookups, multiplications as well
as fixed and data dependant rotations will be used. In this paper,
we would be obtaining our results by simulating the image
processing by Encryption and Decryption part in MATLAB.

A New Approach For Image Cryptography Techniques

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