A New Image Encryption Algorithm Based Slicing and Displacement Followed By Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography Technique

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Abstract: This paper titled “A New Algorithm for Image Encryption Based on Slicing, Displacement Followed by Symmetric Encryption” is proposed for image encryption by studying the principle of the image encryption algorithm. In this, a new hybrid image encryption algorithm is
proposed by analyzing the principle of the encryption algorithm based on the combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption. The experimental results based on combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption will approve the effectiveness of the proposed concept, and
the combination of symmetric and asymmetric encryption will show large variation in key space and provide high-level security. Proposed algorithm will support to integrity, authorization, accuracy of images which is transmitting in public network. As we know that, an image-based
data requires more effort during encryption and decryption. This research introduces a block-based algorithm which is the combination of “Slicing and Displacement of RGB value of a Pixel” and “Block Cipher” base image encryption algorithm. The original image was divided into four equal parts, where each part of image will rearranged into displacement of RGB value of a pixel and then resultant image will divided into pixel blocks. Read binary value of pixel blocks. This binary value will be process by encryption process through binary value of selected key.
Now finally encrypted image will be produced. This process will repeat on each parts of image. After that each part will be combining and produce final cipher image. Encryption key will also encrypted by asymmetric key concept so key exchanging problem will not occur in this system. The Proposed Architecture for encryption and decryption of an image using suitable user-defined key is developed. The cipher image generated by this method can be very in size as the original image due to image scaling to make 128 bits block at a time and is suitable for practical use in the secure transmission of confidential information over the Internet.

A New Image Encryption Algorithm Based Slicing and Displacement Followed By Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography Technique

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