A Review of Faults Attack on Symmetric Key Cipher and Appropriate Counter Measures

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The world is evolving rapidly, industrialization, centralization, civilization, and revolution on the fore-go, the need for the day-to-day activities ranging from the usual informal conversation between family members and relatives, confidential information/data from government repository, teacher to student dialoguing, down to business activities, client-server requests and response etcetera, involves the use of mediums/channels/conduit to aid its feasibility, this supposed non-polar activities always tend to draw/attracts the attention/interest of various other external observers from a different frame of reference, the interest propels the observer into wanting to gain access, upper-arm or control of this activities/resource which in most occasions tend not to be favorable to the two standing parties, hence the need for a secure end-to-end communication regarding also and amidst the presence of the third parties also known synonymously as adversaries. This paper looked into various fault attacks on symmetric-key ciphers and came up with solutions to counteract the attacks.

A Review of Faults Attack on Symmetric Key Cipher and Appropriate Counter Measures

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