Africa is a continent which has always been misunderstood. When one hears the name Africa, disparity and struggle come to mind. To many Africa is a continent filled with poverty, famine, disease, and underdevelopment. These problems may be correct in present-day circumstances; however, before European colonisation, Africa was a nation far from the shackles of disparity and struggle. During the period of pre-colonization Africa was a nation thriving with rich cultures, including African philosophy and art, and a leading pioneer in the field of commerce.

There are many diverse and distinct cultures in Africa. Each country has its own language, cultural identity, and unique history. For instance, the people of Tanzania whose native tongue is Swahili are culturally and historically different from the people of Somalia whose native tongue is Somali. African philosophy is an intriguing and insightful area, which disappointingly receives very few acknowledgements. Many do not know that there is an essence of knowledge and Enlightenment in African philosophy. Plato, the famous philosopher is to have said that his “…alleged Theory of Ideas is borrowed from Egypt” while Aristotle, his foremost student, was also educated in Africa.