Onwutalobi Anthony Claret stated in his essay (The After Effect of European Colonization on African people) stated that the European Colonization brought a tremendous change in the life of the African people. In the process of colonial state-formation; groups were divided or brought together with little or no regard for their common distinctive attributes. They were placed in new administrative frameworks, governed by new values, new institutions, and new operational principles and techniques. The autonomous local outlook of the old order was replaced by the control mechanisms of the state, in which the ultimate authority was an outsider, a foreigner. This mechanism functioned through the centralization of power, which ultimately rested on the police and military force. National resources were otherwise extracted and exported as raw materials to feed the metropolitan industries of the colonial masters. Development was conceived as a means of receiving basic services from the State, rather than as a process of growth and collective accumulation of wealth that could in turn be invested in further growth.
As globalization became deeper and deeper, it gave chance to produce many prolific writers in many fieldsSome of them were Soyinka, Achebe, Clark, and others.  All of them were prominent because of their expertise. These writers achieved several awards for their valuable works.  Their pieces were valued and loved by many for it portrays the deplorable condition of Africa. These writings contributed a lot to awakening the mind of the African people about their real world. They realized how fatalistic they are and there was a need for change.
Different forms of literature were made. African literary works include poems, short stories, essays, and other written and oral works. Most of these writings focused on oppression, brutality, inequality and cruelties. However, the traditions, customs, beliefs and identities of the African people can be viewed from the writings. Though the colonization brought an evolution to Africa, it still, conquered all the sufferings and difficulties to strive again from destruction to victory.
Analysing the historical background and literature of Africa is exciting. It is an empowering activity that broadens the understanding of every reader about the real world existing in the country of Africa. It provides informative facts and details which I believe are of great help to assess its historical past and make comparisons and differences with another country.

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