Apostle Suleman Speaks On Biafra, Southern Kaduna Killings; Tells Members To Kill Fulani herdsmen

Apostle Suleman Speaks On Biafra, Southern Kaduna Killings; Tells Members To Kill Fulani herdsmen – It all started by Pastor Adeboye, the worldwide general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God who on a pastoral visit to Ekiti State late last year, praised the reactionary governor Ayo Fayose as the leader who was worthy of emulation by other Yoruba governors.

He eulogized the fiery governor as a leader that knew how to protect his people. What a praise to a known enemy of the federal government and supporter of Biafran struggles!

Pastor Adeboye is not known for careless talks. Reading the news, I knew that he meant a deeper message than he vocalized.

Gov. Fayose had outlawed open grazing by the killer Fulani herdsmen after a spate of killings of innocent farmers in his state. He enjoined his people to kill any intruder and seize their cows. And the killing stopped.

The reported genocide in southern Kaduna few weeks ago and the not so impressive reaction of the security agencies and the central government was the trigger the other christian leaders needed.

Two weeks ago, the presiding bishop of Winners Chapel lost it. He threw caution to the wind and cared less if he was charged for inciting homicide.

He enjoined his followers to be on the look out and that “if you catch anyone that looks like them (i.e. Fulani herdsmen or Boko Haram), pull out his neck and spill his blood”.

He was consumed by anger that he had to remove his white jacket, racing from one end of his pulpit to the other. His voice nearly went coarse.

When I was getting over the shock of the lack of restraint by Bishop Oyedepo, another popular christian leader echoed the same war song.

This time, it was Pastor Johnson Suleman. He told his congregation, “any Fulani herdsman you see around my church, kill him, kill him and cut off his head”. I use to think the bible has always told Christians to live revenge for him. That if one slaps you in the right cheek that you should turn the left cheek. What has changed? What about martyrdom and dying for one’s belief?

Isn’t praying until one’s head is chopped off not an easy way of becoming a Saint and making heaven?. I see that this current Nigerian govt is turning Christians into beasts now because of their careless attitude towards the lives of her non Muslims citizens. With this reactions coming here and there from so called powerful and miraculous pastors and men of God. Full bloody religious war will soon be added to President Buhari’s portfolio

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