Are Nigerians still serving God or have they conveniently invented their own “God”?

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The “God” of Nigerians is TALKATIVE. He speaks everyday, especially of less important issues: He provides daily suggestions about the need to ‘cancel’ a bad dream they had the previous night; He routinely promises goodies to church members if they remain faithful; He suggests the next time ‘family liberations’ should be held on the verge of the ‘expiration’ of the previous one; He even importunes them with suggestions of which ladies to marry, what disciplines to study, when to travel, when to flee from potential dangers, how much of your earning should be paid to him etc.

But this same “God” is completely DUMB and SHY when it comes to real issues like recession, corruption, oppression, bad governance. This “God” seems to be too afraid of Nigerian politicians who happen to be the true cause of His people’s woes. Frankly, I’m surprised that this “God” who importunes us daily about less serious issues does not seem to care about recession, bad governance and social justice. [No single word from Him about recession in a country where ‘prophecies’ fly around like bees!]

I’m baffled He has not issued a stern warning to those who torment Nigerians. He is quick to expose poor, old widows and orphans for witchcraft but has not, for once, exposed criminal politicians. Is He still the God of Elijah and Amos who wouldn’t tolerate any social evil? Are Nigerians still serving God or have they conveniently invented their own “God”? Just asking…..

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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