The Semantic and Cultural Significance of the Name “Onwutalobi

The name “Onwutalobi” serves as a fascinating example of how personal names can encapsulate familial lineage, historical continuity, and emotional expression within a culture. Originating among the Igbo people of Nigeria, this study explores the etymological roots, usage, and familial … Read more

Spiritual Growth vs. Wealth Display: A Call for Prioritization in Churches

Spiritual Growth vs. Wealth Display: A Call for Prioritization in Churches

Africa has numerous churches, but unfortunately, many of them lack spiritual depth and instead focus on performing fake miracles and collecting exorbitant tithes. Additionally, some pastors even flaunt their … Read more

School children under punishment

The Detrimental Effects of Punishing Children for Speaking Their Native Language in Schools: A Nigerian Case Study

This article examines the counterproductive consequences of penalizing children for speaking their native languages in Nigerian primary and secondary schools

Understanding the Divine in Igbo Spirituality: An Exploration of the Igbo Perception of God

Delving into the spiritual and theological foundations of the Igbo people reveals a rich tapestry of beliefs and practices that challenge the often simplistic narratives presented by Western anthropological perspectives.


Unveiling Nigeria’s Political Paradox: A Reflection on Shifting Goalposts

Nigeria, a nation with ever-shifting goalposts, presents a unique challenge where claims against political figures like Bola Ahmed Tinubu raise serious concerns about the state of governance, integrity, and public trust

The Imperative of Legitimacy in Leadership: Upholding Democracy and the Rule of Law

The foundation of any democratic society lies in the principles of legitimacy, transparency, and adherence to due process

Understanding a Child’s brain in the context of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Explaining a child’s brain in the context of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can help us understand how children learn and develop over time. Here’s a comparison of a child’s learning process with the SDLC stages

Gaza's children are used to the death and bombing' - BBC News

The Tragic Toll on Gaza Children: A Call for Consistency and Compassion

In recent times, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, specifically the tragic killing of innocent Gaza children by the Israeli army, has sparked global concern.

Celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day

In the midst of Nigeria’s independence celebration, let’s take a moment for a somber reflection.

The Predicament of the Modern African

The modern African is caught in a predicament. On the one hand, they are heirs to a rich and vibrant culture that has stood the test of time.