Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi presenting at the ASA Europe Convention 2018

Conceptual Framework for the Employability of foreign graduates in the Finnish labour market

Conceptual Framework for the Employability of foreign graduates in the Finnish labour market

Any Religion That Does Not Promote Human Welfare Is Anti-Life

The relationship between religion and human welfare is a complex one. On the one hand, religion can provide a sense of community, purpose, and meaning in life, all of which can contribute to human well-being.

Moving Forward from Colonialism

It is dangerous for Africans to be self-righteous and to blame the colonizers for all of their problems.


Cultural Metamorphosis

Culture is a complex and ever-evolving phenomenon. It is a product of the interactions between people, and it is constantly being shaped by new experiences, ideas, and technologies. In recent years, the world has undergone a period of rapid change, … Read more

Anambra State Association cultural festival

Africa is poised to become a powerful global force

The African Millennium is a dream that many in the world are hoping to see come true. With a vibrant culture, rising economic development, and newfound political stability, the continent of Africa is poised to become a powerful global force.

The Hypocrisy of pro-life advocates

This paper will explore the hypocrisy of pro-life apologists and how their insistence on legislating morality ignores the realities of war and its devastating effects on innocent civilians.

Prof. Kingsley Moghalu

Reconstructing the minds of Africans and expunging them from mental slavery

We will look at the role that colonialism, exploitation, and racism have played in this regard, and how we can move forward to ensure that African minds are liberated from these preconceived notions, so they can thrive with confidence.



It can be viewed that Africa like the Philippines suffered ceaselessly from the oppressive invaders during its colonial period. Colonialism brought a tremendous effect on the life of the African people.  It filled the nation with darkness, and it poured … Read more

Finland’s Prosperity brings New Migrants

In the last 50 years, Finland has transformed itself from an agriculturally oriented culture into a competitive, technologically advanced information society. This small, Nordic country of five million people has the least corruption and the best competitiveness rate of any … Read more

Nelson Mandela

African man and woman must be united in one grand African Jingoism

Nelson Mandela

A lot has been said and written in the past years about Africans and Africa. Most times, it is either that African people had failed to develop from the primitive to the less primitive: or they had reached … Read more