Governor Rochas Okorocha addressing priest on the Ahiara diocese crisis

Insight on the Ahiara diocese crisis

Moment of silence for our fallen Biafran heroes and heroines


Black to Black discrimination is an unholy act and the most wicked, abominable and abnormal behaviour trending in recent times

nigeria accident

80% of Road Accidents in Nigeria are due to bad roads and careless driving

Nigerian roads are red with human blood. 80% of Road Accidents in Nigeria are due to bad roads and careless driving

RAMPAGE! A failed government

Significance Of New Yam Festival In Igbo Society Of Nigeria

Emume Iwa Ji na Iri Ji Ohuru – Across Igboland and among the Igbo of Nigeria in the diaspora, the month of August, as it is now, is gladdened with the celebration of New Yam called iwa ji and iri … Read more

The Meaning Of the Name Onwutalobi

In general, names are employed largely for identification. Names in religious and cultural contexts transcend identification and enter spiritual or situational expression, while remaining attached to their fundamental function of identity. The latter is true in Africa.

The News flow Controversy: Evaluation of Imbalances, Inadequacies, distortions in International news flow

Information is power and the most critically sought commodity in today’s world. Those that control the information are usually seemed to be the most powerful in our contemporary society. Therefore, for the past thirty years, there has been a controversy … Read more

The uniqueness of the African Man

Scientific techniques ranging from fossil identification, radio-carbon dating and analysis of DNA – the genetic blueprint passed down from one generation to the next – all support the notion that Africa, in particular, the eastern and southern regions, is the … Read more