ASA Europe’s first annual Diaspora Economic think home Initiative International Summit

ASA Europe’s first annual “Diaspora Economic think home Initiative” International Summit is the Anambra in Europe’s largest and most premier networking event. This conference is for the Anambra state 36 degrees development project because it connects the most influential local and international Anambra stakeholders, driving investment and development into a wide range of infrastructure projects and developments across Anambra State. The conference offered an expert examination of multidimensional industries, with key topics such as Technology, Security, Energy, Health, infrastructure, Manufacturing, Agriculture, capital access and Education.

From our NGO round table sessions to rich tested paper presentations and well-researched solutions to our Anambra State problems and fundraising scheme for our Annual Free Medical Mission in our home state of Anambra State of Nigeria; partners and attendees left the conference with innovative knowledge and practices that can be implemented in the state. The discussion(s)  focused on Strategic Engagement with the government in our home state/country on plans for developing our human capital, attracting business and direct investment to sustain the gains we have made over the years.

As such, we assembled experts in various fields who have agreed to present papers in line with our community development initiatives to align with the visions of our worldwide partners in service organizations.

They  presented the key areas that are in alignment with their interests:

Sustainable Development Education (SDE) for Health and Wellness

Sustainable Development Education (SDE) for strategic business endeavours, schools, libraries, research/publishing and related community development programs and projects

Sustainable Development Education (SDE) for youth empowerment

Sustainable Development, Action plans for Diaspora engagement

Sustainable Development Education (SDE) for Vocational and Skills Trades, Science, Strategic Innovations and Technology

The convention has proven to be Anambra State’s flagship “think home initiative event”, which gathered the region’s most senior investors, developers, operators and professionals and provided the perfect platform to do deals across the region. The two days is an accumulation of bespoke networking opportunities, learning and transactions through the extensive range of discussions, networking receptions, cultural exchange, and a dedicated exhibition area to gain the most traction for your organization and brand.

This was a stand-alone opportunity to discuss current trends, share industry experiences and enjoy insightful debates with Anambra’s top minds.

What to expect from the conference

  1. This Conference will offer you a chance for meeting new international partners and exchanging ideas for collaborative research, technology transfer and commercial opportunities in pre-arranged 20-minute one-to-one meetings at one location as well as matchmaking of NGOs and Donor Agencies in a round table discussions
  2. It will provide long term solutions to Health challenges which include the existing Free Medical Mission, and other solutions that will  reduce maternal mortality rate, water treatment, Human Capital Development and empowerment programs

Who must  attend: The conference is open to :

    • Government agencies & Parastatal
    • Anambra State Investment Promotion and Protection Agency
    • Anambra States Stakeholders and professional
    • Anambra state indigenes in Diaspora
    • Non-government Organizations,
    • Community-Based Organizations,
    • Faith-Based Organizations,
    • Civil Society Organizations,
    • UN agencies & Multilateral Institutions,
    • Donor/ Corporate Organizations,
    • Philanthropists,