It can be viewed that Africa like the Philippines suffered ceaselessly from the oppressive invaders during its colonial period. Colonialism brought a tremendous effect on the life of the African people.  It filled the nation with darkness, and it poured the citizen’s rights, freedom and desire.  It caused one’s life a big crack and made it taste bitter and sour.  They were manipulated like a robot. They were imprisoned in the land they owned. Furthermore, they were obliged to perform whatever the master asked them to do without any hesitation. If not, punishment will arise.



Beast in Denial – Rise of Xenophobia around the globe

It’s quite amazing to see how hard times and austerity can strike up the real beast in humans both in those that claim to be most civilized and their counterparts that are regarded to be less civilized. Am I astonished by this rise and increase of xenophobia around the globe? The answer is absolutely not. What astonishes me is that a nation or people that cry out for the migration of foreigners into its territory is at the same time carrying out xenophobic actions.


Finland’s Prosperity brings New Migrants

In the last 50 years, Finland has transformed itself from an agriculturally oriented culture into a competitive, technologically advanced information society. This small, Nordic country of five million people has the least corruption and the best competitiveness rate of any country in the world, according to international indices. Over 85 per cent of Finnish households have access to a broadband Internet connection and over 90 per cent of the active population has a mobile phone.


Nelson Mandela

African man and woman must be united in one grand African Jingoism

Nelson Mandela

A lot has been said and written in the past years about Africans and Africa. Most times, it is either that African people had failed to develop from the primitive to the less primitive: or they had reached a point of helplessness at which, if left to themselves, they would never do any better. Recalling the Europeans imagination of great schedule of hierarchical progress from savagery to civilization, with Europe at the peak and zenith of the line; where Africans were simply not in the race or perhaps they had once set out, though this was more than doubtful if so, they had long since stopped running, exactly why was not known. But the reason, whatever it might be, was generally agreed to lie in some fatal deficiency of their nature. What wild speculation?

Nothing to gain from disrespect and abuses to others, the society and the environment. We are the losers.

In today's Nigerian (and most African) society with everything going, from politics to terrorism to religious and ethnic intolerance and corruption of epidemic proportions, it is very helpful if we as a people learn to start respecting other people's opinions, views, position, outlook, and rights, etc.

Oftentimes disagreements and heated debates start between people because they have differences of opinions toward a certain subject. In my years in this world, and with my upbringing, education, and life’s experience, I have learnt that just because someone has a different opinion from your own do not mean that their opinion is wrong. An opinion is not a fact, therefore there is no right or wrong view – it is just that, an opinion. It is the same thing with a view; just because someone does not view something the way you should not degenerate into an argument or debate with them about why you are right, and they are wrong. Because they think you are wrong and they're right.

Nollywood Movies

Nollywood Movies: Why I am worried

Nollywood Movies: Why I am worried - A few days ago, I talked about how most Nollywood movies help in creating a bad image of the Igbos and its detrimental effect on Igbo culture. Today, I want to touch on the part of the negative effect on our kids and its influence on criminality. [...]

IKEA Case Analysis

Source of IKEA’s success in Sweden early on (the 50s and 60s)?

In 1943, IKEA was founded by Ingvar Kamprad at his home town, selling mainly pencils, postcards and other merchandise. From the late 40s to early 50s, manufacturing furniture was introduced as a complement to general merchandise. This enabled Kamprad to step into the furniture business and exploring the situation and finding new opportunities. The business had gain massive success in the domestic market for the since opening and the key to its achievements is Kamprad’s leadership. He not only had the vision for the furniture industry, market’s situation, and enthusiasm for business, but Kamprad also played an important role in managing the company’s resources, turned it into capabilities and prove IKEA’s distinctive core competencies. Example for that can be IKEA’s leap on the furniture retail industry: more affordable products to target a large amount of customer, showroom and store’s concept, better customer experience…

City of Abuja, Nigeria

Re: Cutting off a descendant from his root due to Economic migration abroad

Thank you Anayo Nwosu for this writeup. As much as I agree with some of the argument you made here. Your characterization of Mr Ọfọefuo and how you attempted to dramatize the situations as if the problem is living abroad is wrong and disappointing.

The key point in your essay is about “cutting off a descendant from his/her root……. “I am afraid that you decided to be selective in your argument as if cutting off descendant from his/her root is only when one is living outside of Nigeria.