Evaluative Review of Chardin’s Concept of Man

The question of the ultimate origin of man has remained a problem which appears to be somewhat unsolvable by any definite solution as any point of view taken by any scholar is challenged by critics who see some loopholes therein. Both the idea of Creationism and that of Evolutionism have attempted to proffer solution to the ultimate origin of man in the universe. Proponents of either of this seem to be at dagger edge with the proponents of the other. Most often, what we observe in the ordinary sense is that the idea of creation is projected by religious adherents while evolution is most often borne by scientists who often turn out to be atheists. With this conception about evolution and creation, Teilhard de Chardin, a Jesuit priest surprisingly came up to the scene to create a union between science and religion via his Christian Evolutionism. He spent his whole effort while expounding on his evolutionary picture, to project man as the chief feature in the whole development of the universe. One could lay claim to the fact that Chardin concentrated much effort on examining man, how Chardin came to his present state, and what his future will look like. Though he shows much optimism for a better future for humankind, lots of criticisms have been levelled against his system. Hence an evaluative review is needed to either weed out or substantiate, as the case may be, those ideas which may not survive the much vituperation of scholars.

In the first place, the Teilhardian evolutionary system goes with much optimism which stands to be doubted. His scientific critics,


How to get Biafran Independence

How to get Biafran Independence

Since the noise about the second attempt to secede from Nigeria, I feel compelled to draw the attention of the Igbos and Biafrans to the legal and acceptable ways to pursue such gigantic ambition. I have observed that we are not following the proper channel and strategy to win this battle.  We should not start up what we will not finish. it is important for us to know that there are a lot of things that need to be done before we resort to war. Let us not make the second mistake. We do not have enough resources for any confrontation or even war now..... Please retrace back and plan properly.

The consequences of European Colonization on African people

The Byproduct of European Colonization on African people

“That Africa has been an "altruistic repository" were all western media search and tap their awful stories and news to tell the world is a fact we have to live with. Most times, they paint Africa more than “black” that it is. This Article takes another dimension to point out that Africa before the colonialist attack is not that bad. It stresses that the major problems of Africa now may have been caused by the marauders and imperialist from the western world.

After this Battle What Next in Nigeria

From the time, Nigeria got her independence until today; Igbos have never “drink water and drop their cup” without any incongruity arising within or outside their territory.

Combing the hairs of Igbo records has always been a sad reminiscence of “feudalistic fatherism” and political oppression to Igbo people of Nigeria.


Visit of Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi to the Finnish Parliament

Foreign graduates can substitute for the shrinking working-age population in Finland

How to improve the employability of foreign immigrants graduate from Finnish higher institution. The author identified the factors and obstacles that hinder international graduates tapping from the shrinking labour force in Finland. Some of the factors identified include the lack of Finnish language skills, little or no strong professional network, insufficient knowledge of the culture of the host country, Lack of career guidance at higher education institutions and employers’ lukewarm approach towards recruiting immigrants graduates.