Beast in Denial – Rise of Xenophobia around the globe

It’s quite amazing to see how hard times and austerity can strike up the real beast in humans both in those that claim to be most civilized and their counterparts that are regarded to be less civilized. Am I astonished by this rise and increase of xenophobia around the globe? The answer is absolutely not. What astonishes me is that a nation or people that cry out for the migration of foreigners into its territory is at the same time carrying out xenophobic actions.

The free dictionary defined xenophobia as “an abnormal fear and hatred of foreigners”. Another issue that astonishes me is different names accorded to xenophobia in relation to its geographic position

When the South Africans rose against immigrants in their country, the world called it xenophobia, but when Australians clashed and killed Indians in Australia, as well as when the Italians killed migrated Africans in Italy, these actions were referred to as racially motivated. Hmmm, splendid! The fact is that whether it happened in Africa is the worlds second-largest and second-most-populous continent, after Asia. At about 30,221,532 km² (11,668,545 sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of the Earths total surface area and 20.4% of the total land area.[1] With more than 900 million people (as of 2005)[2] in 61 territories, it accounts for about 14% of the worlds human population. Africa, Europe, and Australia or anywhere or whatever name one might choose to call it, humans are inexorably conformed to this ugly beastly attitude. There is no doubt that the interexchange and intermixing of different people and race heightens a nation’s prosperity and development. Most wealthy nations in the world today can possibly attest to this phenomenon. In addition, the world tends to profess globalization, if so, should globalization be limited to certain issues or people or criteria? Emigration and immigration are certain phenomenons that are associated with every living thing. I keep witnessing it every day, and so do you.

However, the world is witnessing a great financial tempest at this period, and today one can easily observe the politics deviating from the so-called civilization and freedom to mere absurdity and beastly. Politicians in Europe, Canada, Australia, and America that wishes to be elected or gain the support of the voters have to flinch and demonstrate their hatred and fight against immigrants and immigration, and in some cases, they go further to single out a particular race or people to either maul with their offensive and demeaning remarks and also humiliate in the quest of their political ambitions. Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia, Britain, Ireland and Spain are good examples. These are the same nations that have gained immensely from immigrants either by policies or by force in terms of the slave trade or by con whereby the educated and bright ones are lured. Over the years, the influx of immigrants into some nations has brought tremendous economic gains, social profits and other benefits as well. Un-weighted negative arguments have been presented to deform and devalue the essential of immigration, which in turn devalues the pride and form of the immigrants. These are indirectly affecting the psychological and mental health of the debated immigrants.

I keep saying that if a nation does not support immigration, then such a nation should not allow its people to travel to other nations. A good example is North Korea, it does not support such activity, and therefore other nations should learn from the example of North Korea and keep to themselves. What is the essence of the bilateral relations between countries? What’s the essence of the so-called United Nations? Why are we the United Nations? where is the unity? Its all folly, isn’t it? Isn’t it away for some nations to champion their deceitful acts in the world?

The funny fact is that most of these nations that promote, adheres, encourages or condones the act of xenophobia are Christian countries. This keeps me wondering the essence of the Christian values, faith and religion of which they profess and pretend to uphold. Perhaps xenophobic actions can be attributed to the act of God too or keeping the will of God also. Have you thought about it?

There is no argument that is just and right to credit or justify xenophobia in its entire ramification. So it is high time, politicians and media pundits reflect on this issues and condemn such act, if not we may run the risk of more hatred to foreigners which may result in socio-political and economical strife in such countries.

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