Black to Black discrimination is an unholy act and the most wicked, abominable and abnormal behaviour trending in recent times

Black to Black discrimination is an unholy act and the most wicked, abominable and abnormal behaviour trending in recent times. It is like cancer and it is gradually eating deep into our society. Why is brother hurting brother?

..Seriously, it baffles me how an African man will rise up against his own African brother for no justifiable reason other than the person is from another village, states or country? What will you say is your reason for killing each other? Will you say your reason for killing your brother or sister from another country or tribe is because of race or color of skin? Brothers, what has gone wrong? Why this tension here and there over nothing. Why this kind of hatred among brothers? What is happening to us?

After watching some graphic images of the xenophobic violence that swept through South Africa and gruesome images of our recently concluded election I get a run of goose bumps on my head. What is happening to us Africans?
We must speak out and condemn this heinous devilish act anywhere it raises her head.

Why is it so easy for People to mob and kill others at a slightest provocation, how come some people have the heart to stone and burn fellow human alive for no just reason only because the person may not come from your place or probably he look different from you….. Are we loosing the sense of humanness in us? What then is difference between us and the terrorist or religious bigots we condemn everyday.

Seriously, we need to rise up folks and say no to Racism, ethnicism, tribalism, sectarianism, triumphalism and fundamentalism anywhere it raises her head because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…You may feel ok today that these people dying are not your relations or siblings but you never know it might be your turn tomorrow. Every life matters. Black, white, yellow and brown lives are all important.

I always believe that we are all product of Accidentalism, we have no choice of what color we’re born or who our parents are or whether we’re rich or poor or which tribe or religion you will embrace at birth. But we do have some choice over what we make of our lives once we’re here” And the best you can chose to be is ‘’to live and let live’’. Please let us accommodate and respect others people’s views, faith, race and let’s make the world a better place for us.

And to my friends on social and print media

……. I observed from distance during this just concluded election how our educated Nigerians fueled and watered the seed of ethnicism, tribalism in their utterances. What benefits do we get when we share strong negative feelings for people outside our group? What is the difference between us and those we condemn of racial discrimination in other part of the world?
It keeps me wondering the difference between the educated and uneducated if we have stoop so low to engage in intra-tribal, ethnic or religious verbal wars. I think, there is ought to be a difference that you are learned. Ask yourself this question, am I using the knowledge I had acquired to promote tolerance or hatred.

I thought education suppose to be a movement from darkness to light. Why must we join issues with some uneducated folks to play sectarian and tribalism cards instead of be there to promote peace and tolerance and educate people on the need for ethnic and tribal inclusion. Sorry folks, we don’t have any choice…… you are born Nigerian, so let’s be that Nigerian until you get your own independence.

Think twice…when you engage people on social media or anywhere. You must not fight, curse or use derogatory words on your brothers because they do not share your political or religious views. That does not make you smarter or more intelligent and it is not even civilized or acceptable way of doing argument. People always have different views. You disagree to agree and allow superior argument to win , that is what makes you educated. Yeah you may have had 15PHDs to your credit but this kind of behavior always says the opposite.

Anyway it is not late yet; let’s use the tools we have acquired in life to change people lives positively. Promote peace, tribal inclusion. be that force of peace. People are looking up to you Say no to tribalism and religious violence and mob actions. Be that light

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