I remember when we were growing up, my father as a brave Biafran soldier he was; had a reputation as a tough disciplinarian who valued the meaning of family life. I watched him scold, reprimand, correct or even punish us whenever we go wrong. Now he is in his early 70’s, though he is still very active we can not say that he is exactly as strong and active as he was last 20 or 25 yrs ago when he matched his words with action to make sure we become good kids.

I hear many people argue that they want Buhari in power because he did this and that in 1983.

Folks, for the fact that Buhari was a strict disciplinarian in the early 80’s does not automatically suggest that he still has the strength and power to execute his functions as he did when he was 40 yrs old. Old age is a blessing and it comes with many challenges.

Don’t lie to your conscience because you hate Jonathan. Do things for the sake of your children and future generation.

At this age and time (we are in 2015), Nigeria don’t need management or an experiment. We have done that already with Yar’adua and we all know the outcome. Jonathan is not the best candidate for Nigeria but let us not repeat the same mistakes we did 8 yrs ago. Vote wisely