Flowchart Beginners’ Guide to the Fundamentals of Flowcharting in Business Process ManagementBest Practices

Flowcharting is one of the first tools used in analyzing an existing business process. The purpose of a flowchart is to document the tasks within a particular process, and their sequencing, visually.

Flowchart Symbols: What they Represent?

On this page, we show you a visual representation of each of these flowchart symbols along with their names and a brief description.

Understanding MOST analysis

MOST analysis is a strategic planning tool that helps organizations define their mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics. It is a simple but effective way to ensure that all levels of the organization are aligned and working towards the same goals.

How to write an EPIC story in an Agile methodology

To write an EPIC story in an Agile methodology, you can follow these steps:

Impact analysis and steps on how to conduct an impact analysis

Impact analysis is a process of identifying and evaluating the potential consequences of a change. It is used to determine whether the change is likely to have a positive or negative impact on the business, and to identify any risks … Read more

Tips on how to prepare for a workshop for stakeholders

Here are some tips on how to prepare for a workshop for stakeholders as a business analyst:

Process Analysis & Design

Process analysis is a technique that allows a clear understanding of a company’s business processes to be gained.


Interview question for a Business Analyst

Interview question for a Business Analyst

Technology integration:Personalize learning and provide differentiated instruction.

Technology integration is the process of using technology to enhance the learning experience.

Highlight knowledge of technology integration as a business analyst

As a business analyst, you can play a key role in the integration of technology into your organization