Celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day

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As Nigeria celebrates its independence, it’s a time for a reflective pause amidst the festivities. We stand at a crossroads, witnessing a nation of unmatched potential seemingly stalled by the sands of time. Endowed with rich natural resources, a diverse and talented population, and a demographic boon, Nigeria’s journey has been thwarted by the shadows of poor governance.

Our societal fabric shows the wear of deep-seated divisions—religious, ethnic, and political — often blinding us to the ills of corruption if it serves our immediate circle. This myopic view has skewed our collective vision for progress, with the guardians of our past hesitating to pass the baton to a new generation eager for change, yet often misled by the very leaders meant to guide them.

Sixty-three years post-independence, we face a crescendo of challenges: heightened insecurity, dilapidated federal roads, rampant kidnappings, an economy mocked abroad, and an exchange rate that has sky-rocketed. The slow pace of infrastructural development, corruption, nepotism, and tribal rifts have only deepened, a situation exacerbated by past leadership and continuing under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In the face of soaring unemployment, a brain drain of our finest minds, and a national spirit in question, we must ask ourselves: What truly is there to celebrate?

Yet, at this moment of apparent decline, I hold onto the belief in our collective ability to forge a new path for Nigeria. It’s imperative for the youth to transcend past divisions and unite behind leaders of integrity, irrespective of their background. The recent elections, plagued by manipulation and violence, serve as a stark reminder of the cost of short-term gains over enduring prosperity.

Let this be a call to action for all Nigerians: to demand accountability, to engage actively, to seek justice, and to stand firm against complacency. The power to redefine our nation’s course rests with us.

Wishing Nigeria a reflective and hopeful Independence Day.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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