Do not promote evil because of political expediency

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I am shocked to read some of the bizarre comments and arguments made in favour of Buhari’s illegal suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, that in fighting corruption you should not follow due process. This is ridiculous. Is it because of partisan politics that people close their brain and eyes to the truth.

So it is no longer you are innocent until proven guilty. Does it mean that there is no need to investigate a crime anymore in Nigeria? Once accused you are guilty…… No wonder people carry out mob jungle justice here and there… what did the constitution say in this matter. Is it followed?

The precedent we are setting now is that this tyrannic government can wake up any day accuse you, the trial you, prosecute and jail or suspend you without any due process or give you a fair chance of defending yourself. This is crazy. My friends…This 1999 constitution as amended stipulated clearly how this issue will be handled. Why are they using the back door if they are doing the right thing? Public Media trial where every Tom, Dick and Harry weighs in on matters they are totally ignorant of speak little of this country.

You are here defending a gross violation of our constitutional rights. At least I still believe in this sham constitution until it is amended. Therefore, we must follow due process as stipulated in the constitution….. If this judge is guilty, the federal government should follow due process to trial him. Using non-existing executive power to intimidate or overthrow another arm of government for other ulterior motives and political permutation should not be encouraged by patriotic Nigerians. You are the enemy of Nigeria if you are supporting a tyrant to disregard our constitution just to win an election. Stop supporting evil. You can’t use corruption to fight corruption…

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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