Meeting With the National Coalition Party leader Kalle Jokinen - Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Meeting With the National Coalition Party leader Kalle Jokinen

The Parliament House, Mannerheimintie 30, 00100 Helsinki
10th August 2016

The Chairman of ASA Finland with other Igbo stakeholders visited the National Coalition Party leader Kalle Jokinen of the Finnish parliament to find ways on how to improve the employability of foreign immigrant graduates from Finnish higher institution. 

In order to understand what the government has done, or policy implemented so far on this issue. Mr Anthony-Claret had a discussion with the National Coalition Party leader Kalle Jokinen from the Finnish parliament. These are the officials that enact laws and create policies on such matters.
These interviews were organised in a way to get views of these officials on the ways of improving the employability of international students in Finland and to know if there is an effort by the government to facilitate this problem and in general improve the Finnish economy and internationalisation standard. 

The Party leader Kale Jokinen in replying to a question, What does the Finnish parliament position regarding the high unemployment of immigrant
and especially international graduates?
Kale notes that It is a big concern to the government. Hence, we have been passing laws to alleviate the sufferings and improve on the chances of getting immigrants fully integrated to contribute to the Finnish economy.

For instance, we have passed laws that extended the permit period for international graduates
from 6 months to one year. We have also opened up for more people to follow the part of entrepreneurship, and hence, any immigrant has the opportunity to register as self-employed. What can be done to get Finnish employers to consider hiring international graduates? Efforts are being made to educate the Finnish employers that the world is becoming international, and English is becoming more relevant. A such, they should open up to enriching their workforce with divergent cultural personnel’s who can bring more values and skills to their organisation.

Based on his research findings, Mr Claret identified the factors and obstacles that hinder international graduates tapping from the shrinking labour force in Finland. Some of the factors identified include the lack of Finnish language skills, little or no strong professional network, insufficient knowledge of the culture of the host country, Lack of career guidance at higher education institutions and employers’ lukewarm approach towards recruiting immigrants graduates.  The study proposed different recommendations and approaches that mitigate these challenges if utilised.

We will continue to speak out for the full integration of immigrants in Finland .. yesterday, I was among the few appointed delegates that visited Finnish Parliament in Helsinki to discuss with National coalition Party leader Kalle Jokinen about the issues that burden the immigrants especially we Africans in Finland.

Thanks a lot to Kokoomus party in Finland. They are always here to defend the right of immigrants.

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Visit of Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi to the Finnish Parliament