Foreign Policy 101 – Widen your Horizon

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Some of us here put on our defensive clothes to defend why we must stand in for any country that faces terror and I agree with you totally. Yes, the war on terrorism should be a global affair; we must support or stand in with our friends to defeat these beasts terrorizing our countries. At least in principle, the world must respond with an unprecedented coalition against international terrorism.

But is it the case?… NO!!! because we know that coalition to fight terrorism is formed primarily on priority or some kind of bias and it is country-selective…..

That, War on terror in Nigeria has not yet been won is not just because Nigeria or our military are not trying their best but because countries that we suppose to form coalition with, are not interested at all to help us.

Those attempting to defend why they change their DP by posting scant pictures of when France and the rest of the world had our backs during the #ChibokGirls abduction are missing the point. All we are just trying to say is that we Nigerians lack perspective and often times suffer from a serious case of ‘Afghanistanism’: The act of concentrating on problems in distant parts of the world while ignoring issues in one’s own country.

This video will tell you more about the world perception about our boko haram problem. My point is that we must come back to “us” and help solve our internal problems because the outside world has no interest in our problem

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