Mark-Donald Ude succinctly stated my thoughts on his Facebook wall. He opined, and I quote that…….

“There is a lot of ideological deficit in the IPOB-led Biafra struggle. Now we are “Jews” and should practice Judaism, now we are children of “Chukwuokikeabiama”. [In a previous post sometime last year, I thoroughly refuted the Igbo claims of Jewish ancestry, and I did that strictly on genetic/scientific grounds. Igbo Negroids are not in any way genetically/racially related to Jews, who are Semites].

I have always sympathized with IPOB and have always frowned at the injustice and maltreatment they endure at the hands of the Nigerian state. But I take serious exception to their approach. It alienates them and makes them lose the sympathy of those who could be useful to the cause. In my opinion, the movement suffers from an ideological deficit and lack of direction. Moreover, there is more to the struggle for self-determination than Nnamdi Kanu’s showmanship. He has his strong points, but his showmanship trivializes the struggle, if you ask me.”

If we refuse to vote now…… to whose benefit? If Mr Kanu has agreed to restructure from his voice record yesterday …then, we can only achieve that if we can vote out this government…any deviation from that… then we are helping this government to continue till 2023.

In Buhari’s mind ….”you think you are hurting me by not voting….oh no… you are hurting yourselves by boycotting anything in the southeast, be wise.