What’s going on? When will all this killing stop? Have we surrendered to fate? It’s sad. I’m so bitter by the fatalities heaped on innocent Nigerians in Kano and Adamawa by deranged criminals operating as Boko Haram.

I pray for the affected families to have the fortitude to bear their losses and our president the wisdom to achieve his security objective for this country.

All Nigerians need to work together to stop Boko Haram. It’s evil. We have lost thousands of finest souls on this soil to these beasts.

Is there no intelligence at all? Why multiple incidents recorded the same day? What plans if any is on the table to root out this ideological deranged extremist?

It is not enough to always read in the news that our security personnel are investigating the attack. Who are this security personnel? We should not only wait for the attack to happen before investigating it, but we should also develop preventive measures to at least reduce the occurrence. The Nigerian President should talk and act tough. Silence or weak response suggests defeat or complacency with the situation