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It is important to understand what a stakeholder needs to accomplish, what strategies have you used to design a good use case or user story during elicitation?

To begin with, I employ stakeholder analysis to find out who will be affected by the system. Furthermore, I converse with stakeholders to comprehend their personal goals and expectations to create a complete UC or user story that satisfies all criteria. Additionally, it is necessary for me to consider different points of view, apply various analytic techniques and combine qualitative and quantitative components when eliciting. Moreover, I take advantage of focus groups in order to ask particular questions about requirements; brainstorming sessions and observation are also useful in coming up with new ideas and discovering solutions to any given problem.


What does a requirements traceability matrix mean to you and how have you leveraged its functionality?

A Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) is a tool used to maintain an overview of the entire project by allowing users to trace all requirements from their source to the individual tests that validate these requirements. It is an essential part of managing projects and ensuring that all requirements are met. I have utilized RTM’s functionality in various ways, including tracking changes in requirements and keeping track of risks associated with the project. Additionally, the RTM has allowed me to identify gaps and inconsistencies in requirements, which helps me to ensure that the final delivered product meets stakeholders’ expectations.

In understanding and analysing data from various locations, including its transformation and upload into a destination system, what data mapping strategies have you used to achieve a specific use case?

I use multiple strategies like creating user stories, models, and standardizing naming conventions to comprehend the data flow and structure of all sources and destinations. To complete the required migration, integration, or transformation, I identify all relevant fields and construct transformation rules and schema logic. Also, modern data transformation and ETL tools help ensure data is properly mapped and transformed. Lastly, I test the data mapping by creating sample datasets and entering them into the destination system for validation that it is accurately implemented.


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