Make I no speak vernacular again? Inu kwam?

What is the sense in telling our children not to speak in our languages? Is that not stupid and self-defeating? How can we teach our kids to hate their heritage? Is it not time for Parents, African leaders and educationists to revise this colonial oriented educational curriculum given to us by our colonial masters? I am not saying we should not learn English o but why punish and disgrace our kids because they are speaking their native tongues? Is that not “kolomentality”? Where else in the world are kids penalised for expressing their natural language apart from Africa? Is this a normal thing at all? Let’s discuss this biko?

Picture: This image of two kids forced to wear sacks for speaking Luganda in school generated much discussion on Facebook this week.

For those who want more gist on this matter, please read this, it is fascinating…/22602-why-are-schools-punishing-ch…