They claim to be Christians, devoted Christians, religious people, holy Muslims etc. Meet them in their church or mosque .. they will speak in 10 tongues, quote all parts of their bible or pray more than 15 times a day , even can recite their holy book in 3mins.

….But 15mins later , meet the same people in any social media fora, they can go to any level to defend any of their diabolic pastors or business men of god, popular criminals from their tribe or even their favorite corrupt politicians who may have literally stolen the future of our unborn generation.

These people can fight you, bully you, insult you or call you names or become your enemies in order to protect these criminals.

20 mins later, meet the same people in their neighborhood, in the street or market, and they are passing by and hear perhaps a rumor that their fellow “poor brethren in suffering” has been suspected of drinking someone’s coke, or that a lady is seen wearing a mini-skirt…..or that someone is caught stealing a Nokia 310 phone…. before you could complete your allegation … they will help you to judge, condemn and execute the person right there…

….. these so-called holy Christians or Muslims will immediately transform themselves to beasts and within a second, they will lynch, mob and kill that suspect without baiting an eye.

And what kind of religious people do we have now in Africa….. that we can celebrate big and rich criminals but not the poorer very unfortunate and abominable . Whenever I see this mob and barbaric act ..I often think of the story in the christian bible about Christ, Mary Magdalene and the mobs who came with stones to kill her for committing adultery and what Christ said to them…..

It’s just so unbelievable. Has the devil finally cloned himself in multiples in Nigeria.? What kind of human beings do we have ?

Look at this 8 year old boy lynched and burnt alive in Lagos for allegedly stealing garri? This can’t be happening.

To think that human beings stood to snap and record the killing is horrific. Since my lifetime, this is barbarism at its peak. God, please give the soul of the poor helpless boy eternal rest.

I’m traumatized. It even hurt more that nothing will be done to the perpetrators of this heinous crime.