Let us stop this fear mongering – It’s Time for Young People to Take Charge

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Nigerians clash in Ibadan

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When you engage a Nigerian youth in a political discussion, they will often say that the country’s problems are caused by the fact that the older generation has been in power for too long. They will also say that power has remained in the north for over 45 years of Nigeria’s existence. If you ask them what the solution is, they will quickly say that we need to get rid of the older generation and replace them with young, visionary leaders.

However, when election time comes around, many of these same youths will be seen campaigning for the older generation. When you ask them why they have changed their minds, they will often say that the two main political parties are too powerful and that there is no point in voting for a third party. They will also say that they are afraid of being marginalized or persecuted if they vote for a candidate from a minority group.

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If young people continue to vote for the older generation, then the older generation will continue to be in power. And if the older generation continues to be in power, then they will continue to make decisions that benefit themselves and their friends, while ignoring the needs of the young people.

The solution to this problem is for young people to come together and form their own political parties. They need to stop being afraid of the older generation and start standing up for themselves. They need to realize that they have the power to change the country, but only if they are willing to work together.

There are already many young people who are working to change Nigeria. They are organizing protests, starting businesses, and running for office. These young people are the future of Nigeria, and they need the support of their peers. If young people come together, they can create a better future for themselves and for their country.

Here are some specific things that young people can do to get involved in politics:

  • Vote. This is the most important thing that young people can do to make their voices heard. If you don’t vote, then you are giving up your power to decide who will represent you.
  • Volunteer for a campaign. This is a great way to get involved in politics and learn about the issues. You can volunteer for a candidate that you support, or you can volunteer for a non-profit organization that is working to make a difference.
  • Run for office. If you are passionate about making a change, then you should consider running for office yourself. This is a great way to make your voice heard and to make a difference in your community.
  • Get involved in your community. There are many ways to get involved in your community, even if you are not interested in politics. You can volunteer for a local organization, attend community meetings, or simply get to know your neighbors.

By getting involved in politics and in your community, you can make a difference. You can help to create a better future for yourself, for your children, and for Nigeria.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Anthony-Claret is a Software Engineer and has worked at varied roles like Business Analyst, Software Web Developer, Digital Marketing consultant, Graphic Design/ Web Designer, Education Counsellor/ Recruitment officer and a software tester. Mr Claret publishes and manages the content on this website. He's also a writer, Activist, Humanitarian, Pan Africanist, a proponent of Social Justice, Equality & Human Rights, a great administrator, technology enthusiast, social media lover and an all-around digital guy.

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1 reply on “Let us stop this fear mongering – It’s Time for Young People to Take Charge”

  • Our youth also forget that according to the INEC data capturing statistics, Nigerian youths are the largest electorate…which means. We have the key…. so if the Nigerian youths can remove the fear of bigger parties and structure and come together…..don’t you think that we can change the narratives. This is doable.

    The candidates themselves who claim to love Nigeria should also forget about themselves and come together to form a solid alliance in order to achieve our goal. We split our votes and give these men a chance to remain in power. And we spend 4 years complaining again.

    All my friends that campaigned for President Buhari 4 years ago have all complained and condemned his administration …. let us just try our youth. Why do we accept defeat without even putting up a fight?

    Let us stop this fearmongering. let us tighten our belts and start the work. Tens of Thousands of our youths were spotted last two years protesting peacefully because Nnamdi Kanu was able to sensitize them… what prevent me and you to start the sensitizing…. perhaps we can make a big difference. Why settle for less when you can actually get a bigger chunk? What are you going to lose anyway?

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