When you engage a Nigerian youth in a political discussion. He will be the first to tell you that our problem is because our grandpas have been in power for too long. He will also be the first to tell you that power has remained with the north for over 45 years of Nigerian existence… if you ask him what is the solution…. ? He will quickly tell you that we must get rid of our grandpas and replace them with visionary and vibrant youths.

What then baffles me is that….. during the election , you will see all of them campaigning again for the grandpas.

When you ask them why the change of choice. He will tell you that we have two strong parties that we cannot challenge and they suddenly forgot that APC was never too strong if not the merging of parties. Who would have thought that the powerful PDP party could be defeated.

Who are the people that make up of these strong parties? It is still the youth. Then what is the problem? Why can’t all these emerging parties merge together to form a formidable alliance?

Our youth also forget that according to the INEC data capturing statistics, that Nigerian youths are the largest electorate…which means.. we have the key…. so if the Nigerian youths can remove the fear of bigger parties and structure and come together…..don’t you think that we can change the narratives..this is doable.

The candidates themselves who claim to love Nigeria should also forget about themselves and come together to form a sold alliance in order to achieve our goal. We split our votes and give these men chance to remain in power. And we spend 4 years complaining again.

All my friends that campaigned for President Buhari 4 years ago have all complained and condemned his administration …. let us just try our youth. Why do we accept defeat without even putting up a fight…

Let us stop this fear mongering… let us tighten our belt and start the work. Tens of Thousands of our youths were spotted last two year protesting peacefully because Nnamdi kanu was able to sensitize them… what prevent me and you to start the sensitizing…. perhaps we can make a big difference.. why settle for less when you can actually get bigger chunk. What are you going to loose anyway….