So many of my good friends from the North and Southwest of my country are sending me private Message asking me if I support Biafra struggle?

… For me Biafra is an Idea, my approach to it is both active and reactive . Read and understand my position.

In Simple Active terms, You are a Biafran, if you want the existing Nigeria structure to be restructured?
If you want equity and fairness for all in Nigeria ?
If you want Nigeria to be govern by rule of law?
If you want a government that can and will meet the aspirations of her citizens?
If you want a country that doesn’t discriminate against some and share the country resources to a selected few?
If you want jobs and political appointment to be based on merit 
If you reject born to rule mentality of some ethnic groups.
If you want the 6 geopolitical zones to have political and economic autonomy and freedom to grow their respective zones at their own pace without iron hand control of the federal unit
If You want a country bound in freedom, peace and unity?
If you want all these things…..You are indeed a Biafran at heart regardless of where you come from.

However, there are some people who are currently undergoing direct difficulties and challenges due to the current situation of this contraption…who ,on a daily basis are been marginalized, disenfranchised, oppressed, maltreated, dispossessed, incarcerated, condemned,cheated out and sometimes maimed and killed for no reason….. …

These people have suffered in silent for too long. They are resilient and hardworking but still cannot break that ceiling because of systemic Nigeria state limitations both seen and unseen.

Now…..They are becoming reactive to their predicament and seeking for a lasting solution.. .. They have started asking questions,…They are saying enough is enough in response to the horrible situation they have been subjected to for too long…

They are saying in one voice, if all these good aspirations enumerated above will not be achievable in this present Nigeria, then “To your tent oh Israel” And I support these two ideas…