Nigeria is the only country where God is still doing miracles

Only in Nigeria would a graduate do thanksgiving to God for getting a job. This is because it takes a miracle to secure employment in Nigeria. It means students go to school everyday without hope.

Only in Nigeria do people do thanksgiving for being promoted at their jobs.
In Nigeria people do testimony for getting visa. In Nigeria people thank God for the miracle of recovery from their sickness. Nigerians express happy new month at the end of every month. All these because nothing normal is expected to happen in Nigeria.

In Nigeria people do thanksgiving for journey mercies because only God could save us from the terror of bad roads.

Child delivery in Nigeria deserves special thanksgiving. Being fully recovered from a surgery is a call for testimony for God’s miracle because it is not normal in Nigeria for people to come home alive from the hospital. No drugs, no electricity, no equipment and too much fees for a poor person.

In Nigeria students come back from holidays to do special thanksgiving because their relatives treated them well, because it is not normal to be treated well by family and relatives.

In Nigeria it is a miracle to be successful in business. Hence each month after paying your tithes you have to do thanksgiving offering because God is prospering you. This because Nigerian businesses are predicated on rogue practices.

Only in Nigeria God does not have a resting day. Government on week days. Students with their survival struggles during the day. Pastors on weekends. Kidnappers all around the clock. The government operates every “26 hours everyday”. The poor keeps awake all night. God has to continue doing or working miracles to keep a person alive.

The irony, Nigeria herself does not know God.

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