Nigeria, the famous giant of Africa is still in transit. Speak out now and condemn the corrupt governgmegnt

My fellow Nigerians, It is not actually about Land mass or Surface area you have in your state or country but your ability to create or develop something with the little you have…..

Do you know that Lagos State has the smallest area (land mass) of Nigeria’s 36 states….but actually it is arguably the most economically important state of the country, containing Lagos, the nation’s largest urban area. It is a major financial centre and would be the fifth largest economy in Africa.

On the other hand, Niger State is the largest state in Nigeria with the total surface area of 76,363 km2 but unfortunately it is no 18 ranked in order of their total GDP in Nigeria. It means all the smallest states in Nigeria which are mainly from the South and South east is of greater economic value and produce far more than them even with their largest land mass.

You can have all the land in the world but if you don’t have the ability to develop or manage it or harness the resources therein …it is a total waste.

For example, If Singapore were to be in Nigeria, it will be the smallest state in Nigeria with only 719.1 km2 surface area. 5times of Singapore will be equal to the current Lagos State but yet there is no comparison at all……

Singapore is a global commerce, finance and transport hub of the world. Its standings include: the most “technology-ready” nation (WEF), top International-meetings city (UIA), city with “best investment potential” (BERI), second-most competitive country, third-largest foreign exchange market, third-largest financial centre, third-largest oil refining and trading centre, and the second-busiest container port.

Singapore also ranks 5th on the UN Human Development Index and the 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world. It is ranked highly in ednucation, healthcare, life expectancy, quality of life, personal safety, and housing.

So we have no excuse….you should stop bragging about the size of your state. You can have the biggest state with zero output and the smallest state with huge output as you have seen here.

Nigerians should stop this argument of the North has the largest land mass and south has the smallest land mass as if it makes any difference.If the big land mass has nothing to add to our economy, no need to talk about it…. it is a waste. Our “grandpas in power” have all failed us for this 50yrs++ +. Our youth should put their energy more on how to tap from this virgin and untapped resources we have for economic and infrastructural development. Instead of fighting online.

It is shameful that all we have seen lately from our today’s youth is the ability to fight for these elderly men to remain in power…… Folks we must stop fighting on social media just to protect this unproductive government just because of your party or tribal affiliation… We the youth are the loosers in the end

Remember this government will come and go but your nation will remain underdeveloped and economically backward country”…. fight for yourself, your children and grandchildren’s future now… speak out and condemn this shenanigans going on in Nigeria politics.

I have included Pictures of Singapore here for you to see what a smaller country turned out to be.Whereas Nigeria…the famous giant of Africa is still in transit… Think out of the box people

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