67% of Nigerians have abused President Buhari due its failures in securing her citizens.

Would you vote for Mr Buhari again if he told you that as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the head of the national executive of Nigeria and the commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, that he never knew who stole the hard and soft copies of the 2016 budget documents he purportedly handed over to the National Assembly on December 22, 2015,

or that he is not aware that his chief of staff Abba Kyari was a member of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC even though he was the person that appointed him to that position?

or that he never knew that dead people were in the board appointment list he carefully prepared and signed even though Senator Francis Okpozo, who was among the dead he appointed died on December 16, 2016, and he personally issued a statement mourning his death. See http://dailypost.ng/…/buhari-condoles-delta-state-okpozos-…/

or that he is not aware that Mallam Abdulrasheed Maina was reinstated into the civil service, so he has to direct the HoS to spend Tax payer’s money to investigate the circumstances that surrounded the return of Maina to the civil service.

or that he never knew that his own government is still running “oil subsidy” scheme.

or that he claimed that he didn’t even know that Kaduna, Taraba, Plateau and Benue states have been hit with genocide led by the notorious herdsmen.

But all these do not count at all as you are aware that his northern brothers will ensure he maintain power. At least, he still has his cabal, the internet warriors, his tribal people, the same lazy youths he told you about some time ago .. All these people are all working for him …..Yeaaaaa, he is still your president…….can you beat that…..?

Even though he has said in different places that he knows for sure that the reputation for the criminality of Nigerians has made it hard for them to be “accepted” abroad,

And he has also remarked for sure that some of our Nigerian youth are lazy and the majority of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil-producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education free and want my government to give them a handout.

Buhari has acknowledged that he is too old now and that he cannot be able to do or achieve much that I would have done if it was 30 years ago……

Even though he has also claimed for sure that the Fulani herdsmen killings and maiming the Nigerian citizens are innocent. He even spoke in their defence when he had a bilateral talk with the United States President where He insisted that the Nigerian herdsmen “don’t carry anything more than a stick and occasionally a machete to cut down foliage and give it to their animals.

Buhari doesn’t care about the lives that have lost by his inaction, He simply believes that these murderous herders are innocent and are being framed by the people they killed.

Over the years year, he has said different things to defend the Fulani herdsmen on these senseless killings, First, he told you that it was “farmers and herdsmen clashes” then he shifted the blame to Gadhafi’s trained killers coming from Libya; and now he is in total denial blaming the killings on politicians taking advantage to make gains for the 2019 election.

Interestingly, Buhari still wants to serve you for another four years… Please be careful as many people will campaign for me and will still make promises in my name.

Anyway, vote me because of the campaign promises but do not ever hold me accountable to those promises because it never came out from my mouth. In the 2015 election, remember my APC officers promised you that :

1) I will reduce fuel price to 45 naira per litre. 
2) There will be free education at all level.
3) I will pay 23  million Nigerians 5,000 monthly 
4) I will increase the minimum wage and place every graduate in salary for an extra 1 year after their youth service. 
5) One free meal (to include fruits) daily, for public primary school pupils. 
6) I will revive all our refinery in my first year in office and build more to produce more for our domestic consumption. 
7) I will crush Boko Haram in my first 3 months in office. 
8) Three million Jobs per year
9) I will stop the importation of refined products. 
10) Stabilizing the naira.

That was my fantastic promises to Nigerians …..oh! but not from me directly …. don’t ask me why?

Mmmmm! Do you remember they promised you on my behalf during the elections that we will get the refineries working at full capacity so that we can reduce our import dependence? Three years down the line, the refineries are either closed or working at less than 10 per cent of their capacity. These are their promises, not mine…So don’t ask me about it

You see, I am very straightforward. I will continue to fight for corruption especially amongst my opponents. A note of warning to you all……If you don’t want to be investigated or indicted for your criminal acts, join our party now if not I will hunt you down after I rig this election and return back…Trust me on that….

And for Nigerians who will not vote for me this time…. remember what happened to the 5% that did not vote for me in the last election… get ready for operation crocodile and elephant dance… I mean business.

Vote me again in 2019 or be ready to face more of what I can do. Please don’t mind that I am 75 years now… but I still have a lot educated lazy youths working for me …..

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