Nigerian Youth, Why can’t we rise and lead this country

But wait ooo. There is no need to raise alarm here. The old man said he has taken 10days vacation. I believe he made his vice-president, an acting president because he wanted to have a good rest without disturbance.

Let’s allow him spend his vacation. No need for this rumours and pictures flying around. You can begin to raise red flag after his 10days has expired. He said he will resume work from 6th of February. Even as that, he can still request for an extention if he likes.

Anyway, I understand the reasons behind negative reactions from Nigerians. It’s like that story of King pharaoh in the christian bible and his people’s reaction. Nigeria’s problem is ike a plague and Nigerians are praying to their gods to remove it from them.

There is hunger every where….. recession, suffering, injustice, intimidation, shutting down opposition, favoritism, nepotism, soft groove on herdsmen attack and boko-haram terrorist surprising disappearence. Peope are tired and fed up.

Naturally, it is in man’s nature to root out the cause of his problems. That is why we can see people making some unspeakable wishes to our president.

But my issue with our youth is that we are architect of our problems. We support issues base on our tribal affiliations and it always come back to hunt us. We know this people care less about us but we die to defend them.

2019 is approaching fast and instead of youth to take up the stage now and change this see them calling Tinubu , Atiku, Buhari, obasanjo to come and rule them. …isn’t this men supposed to be elevated to elder statesmen? Why can’t we rise up and lead this country and help to bring out the best in our country.

The most painful thing is that we will never agree to bring the competent person to rule because either the northerners will say… he is not a northerner or a Muslim or southerners will say he is not a Christian or he is igbo or yoruba…due to this tribalism and hatred and secularism we keep settling for mediocre. When shall we be mentally liberated?

Pls remind me the age of that guy that is currently leading Canada ?

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