Beast in Denial – Rise of Xenophobia around the globe

It’s quite amazing to see how hard times and austerity can strike up the real beast in humans both in those that claim to be most civilized and their counterparts that are regarded to be less civilized. Am I astonished by this rise and increase of xenophobia around the globe? The answer is absolutely not. What astonishes me is that a nation or people that cry out for the migration of foreigners into its territory is at the same time carrying out xenophobic actions.


City of Abuja, Nigeria

Re: Cutting off a descendant from his root due to Economic migration abroad

Thank you Anayo Nwosu for this writeup. As much as I agree with some of the argument you made here. Your characterization of Mr Ọfọefuo and how you attempted to dramatize the situations as if the problem is living abroad is wrong and disappointing.

The key point in your essay is about “cutting off a descendant from his/her root……. “I am afraid that you decided to be selective in your argument as if cutting off descendant from his/her root is only when one is living outside of Nigeria. 



If Malaysia could pull through with so many races and ethnic groups, why can’t Nigeria do the same?

If Malaysia could pull through with so many races and ethnic groups, why can't Nigeria do the same? Malaysia has a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society with the Chinese historically been dominant in the business and commerce community.

To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. A bubbling, busting, melting pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups relatively live together in peace and harmony. Manufacturing constitutes the largest single component of Malaysia's economy. .


Do not promote evil because of political expediency

I am shocked to read some of the bizarre comments and arguments made in favour of Buhari's illegal suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, that in fighting corruption you should not follow due process. This is ridiculous. Is it because of partisan politics that people close their brain and eyes to the truth.