Spiritual Growth vs. Wealth Display: A Call for Prioritization in Churches

Spiritual Growth vs. Wealth Display: A Call for Prioritization in Churches

Africa has numerous churches, but unfortunately, many of them lack spiritual depth and instead focus on performing fake miracles and collecting exorbitant tithes. Additionally, some pastors even flaunt their … Read more

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi Presenting a paper on the “potential of ICT to facilitate digital learning, social profiling and distant education in emerging countries” Uppsala, Sweden

Challenges of Gender Bias in Marital Judgments in Nigerian Society

In the intricate fabric of Nigerian society, a glaring inconsistency emerges in the way marital issues are perceived, particularly when it comes to advising individuals facing challenges in their marriages.


Beast in Denial – Rise of Xenophobia around the globe

It’s quite amazing to see how hard times and austerity can strike up the real beast in humans, both in those that claim to be most civilized and their counterparts that are regarded to be less civilized.

City of Abuja, Nigeria

Re: Cutting off a descendant from his root due to Economic migration abroad

Thank you Anayo Nwosu for this writeup. As much as I agree with some of the argument you made here. Your characterization of Mr Ọfọefuo and how you attempted to dramatize the situations as if the problem is living abroad … Read more

An African praying

Can prayer really solve Nigeria’s problems?

As Nigeria sinks deeper into economic crisis and problems in Africa as a whole persist, Anthony-Claret interrogates the continent’s love for prayer.

Africans, What Happened to Our Own African Identity?

Africans, why do we love to copy and follow everything Americans do? Imagine the names given to our Entertainment industries in Africa.

African pastors and miracle

90% of what’s trending in Africa now is miracle and wonders

The best of what’s trending in Africa now is a miracle and wonders


If Malaysia could pull through with so many races and ethnic groups, why can’t Nigeria do the same?

Malaysia has a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society, with the Chinese having historically been dominant in the business and commerce community.

The killing of Gaddafi had a number of damaging consequences for African nations.

The killing of Muammar Gaddafi, the former leader of Libya, had a number of damaging consequences for African nations

This is what we call true Inculturation

Inculturation is the process of adapting Christian teachings and practices to a particular culture. It is a way of making the Gospel relevant to people of all cultures, so that they can understand and experience the love of God in … Read more