Prayers do not bring development; not in the civilised world

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Most of the life-changing inventions and discoveries that have propelled mankind to civilization were products of hard-working people who spent less time in the church or mosque. In fact, they prayed less and worked more.

Europe started seeing massive development when they embraced industrialization and thoughtless of rapture. Today, they work more and pray less. In fact, they pray through work as Opus Dei would say.

Do a simple check, take a sample and study the most religious sects in the country (be it Christian or Islamic) that keep their members more in a worship ground than lab or business place and see the level of poverty amongst their members. In their indolence, they wish to enjoy what hard work brings.

Israel and UAE have struck a balance and have developed in leaps and bounds. We can do it too if we work much harder than we pray.

Worldly development is achieved by leading people into measurable productivity not by keeping them busy praying.

Prayer guarantees you heaven, not civilization or development. Long hours of focused hard work, education and pragmatism do.

The inventors of the Internet, Airplanes, Printing press and even Microphones used in worship centres were not prayer warriors. Boko Haram, ISIS or Lords Resistance Army in Uganda have not invented any weapon even as they claim that they are fighting for God.

The Saudi’s style of praying while the USA and their allies harvest their oil, buy from them and control their knowledge of oil technology breeds indolent and religiously fanatical people. Nigeria as at now, think oil, drink oil and eat oil. Take oil out, we are finished.

Many of us know this but live in denial or refrain from saying it out loud for fear of being deemed irreligious.

A long journey awaits us! Hmm!

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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