An Assessment of Commercial Real Estate Performance as an Investment Option in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria

In the past two decades, Nnewi has grown considerably, not only in size and infrastructural development but also as a commercial town to reckon with in Anambra State, south-east Nigeria.

This work therefore tries to assess the performance of commercial … Read more

Air Pollution Tolerance Indices (APTI) of Some Edible Plants Exposed to Industrial Effluents at Nnewi in Anambra State, Nigeria

Abstract: Air pollution tolerance indices (APTI) were analysed in 2 plants (Telfairia occidentalis and Ocimium gratissimum) growing on farm sites surrounding three industries: Lead-acid battery factory (experimental site 1), Petroleum products factory (experimental site 2) and PVC Pipes and Cement Read more

A Review of Faults Attack on Symmetric Key Cipher and Appropriate Counter Measures

This paper looked into various fault attacks on symmetric-key ciphers and came up with solutions to counteract the attacks.

A Novel Approach of Speedy-Highly Secured Data Transmission using Cascading of PDLZW and Arithmetic Coding with Cryptography

This paper proposes a new system JDCE, where compression is
provided to the data twice before encrypted it for getting it
ready for transmission.

A New Image Encryption Algorithm Based Slicing and Displacement Followed By Symmetric and Asymmetric Cryptography Technique

The Proposed Architecture for encryption and decryption of an image using suitable user-defined key is developed. The cipher image
generated by this method can be very in size as the original image due to image scaling to make 128 bits … Read more

A New Approach For Image Cryptography Techniques

Image encryption, Block cipher, Decryption


The research draws from past/recent concerns that
have negatively impacted archaeology and its practice in the country. Much of the data for
this research has been elicited from primary and secondary sources.

Demonstration of the Congestion Control Algorithms Implemented by TCP

In this paper, we have set up a network in which the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is its
end-to-end transmission protocol. We have analyzed the congestion window size with different methods.
The purpose of this study is to examine the … Read more

Encryption Techniques

Data Security Using Private Key Encryption System Based on Arithmetic Coding

Data Security Using Private Key Encryption System Based on Arithmetic Coding -The problem faced by today‚Äôs communicators is not only security but also the speed of communication and size of content. In the present paper, a scheme has been proposed … Read more

The Use Of Teaching Methods And Styles In The Nigerian University System: The Curriculum And Policy Implications For Change

Teaching methods at the University level are supposed to emanate from the Nigerian National Policy on Education and stated curriculum, which have been found to affect learning outcomes significantly.