Speech delivered by Dr Claret Onwutalobi, the President at the Anambra State Association Europe

Speech at the first convention of ASA Europe Convention 2018 delivered by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

  1. Speech at the first convention of ASA Europe Convention 2018 delivered by Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi
  2. Good morning, distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen: All protocols are duly observed. I am delighted to be here today amongst such a diverse group of the best and brightest professionals, key stakeholders and policymakers, and it is with a great sense of enthusiasm that I address you today in anticipation of the far-reaching positive effect the outcome of this conference will have in Anambra State and our economy at large.
  3. I commend the Anambra State Association Europe chapter and the Anambra State Association Finland for taking the timely initiative to organize this maiden conference. The primary objective of today’s conference is to collectively discuss and explore opportunities within the diaspora community with a view to proffering effective and sustainable solutions towards bringing Investments to our dear state and to conscientize our brothers on the need to think home.
  4. I believe that this Conference is coming at a very appropriate time. Having just constituted a formidable Anambra State Association Europe chapter, the most compelling task before us, as we move ahead and contemplate what our state will be at the end of its second century, is to lay a much stronger foundation for faster development.
  5. This we can achieve by building a more inclusive consensus on the structure and guiding principles of the state that will guarantee our emergence as a more united, progressive and prosperous state.
  6. Let us be reminded that the strongest nations in the world today went through this kind of formative stage; some for decades and others for centuries. We must learn from them and ensure that we bring back home all this wealth of experience we have gathered to use it to develop our dear state.
  7. I am proud of you all that answered this call today. History will remember us all. History also teaches that nation-building is a journey of dedication, commitment, diligence, perseverance and patriotic vision. To be successful, nation-builders must continually strive to evolve better and more inclusive societies in which every citizen is a proud and committed stakeholder.
  8. So, in this edition of the ASA Europe convention 2018, I have no doubt that you will richly benefit from the various presentations and panel discussion sessions lined up. Topics have been drawn from trending issues such as the role of Technology in extending human capabilities, Wealth Creation through Entrepreneurship: Practical Steps to Setting up and Attaining Excellence in your Business and Infrastructure Projects for Sustainable Economic Development, to mention but a few.
  9. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I urge you to participate fully in the ensuing discussions and pay close attention to the many solutions and initiatives proffered, and then proceed to leverage them in your personal investment endeavours and also in innovating and enhancing efficiencies in your different organizations.
  10. In support of our quest to raise more informed and better-equipped investors, we hope to extend the learnings today to all corners of the market. I believe that the learnings from our interactions at this convention will further elevate our insights into the latent opportunities in our market and economy at large.
  11. I thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to be here and to share this experience with us. A big thank you to my extraordinary team and our ASA Europe president for the drive and enthusiasm in putting up a “recharged” show for this year.
  12. I couldn’t be more proud of you all. Let me also thank our ASA members for this event, and for helping to make today’s convention a reality. I wish you all an exciting convention and enjoin us all to remember, even after this convention, the importance of promoting our human resources and making sound investment decisions for our dear state.


Thank you.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

(the chairman of Anambra State Association, Finland)

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