Speech by the Chairman at the ASA End of year party 2017

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  1. Good evening everyone! It’s lovely to see you all looking so festive. I promise not to take up too much of your valuable Christmas party time, but I wanted to thank you all for a great year.
  2. “I first want to thank you all for coming to our Christmas End of Year Party. I especially want to thank all our members, their spouses and children that put up with us all through the year to make this party possible.”
  3. Despite what we’ve thought about the past 12 months, this has been a great year for all of us. we’ve made it through to the end of the year. There are so many more people here than last year for our party. It really wonderful This warms my heart.
  4. It’s nearly Christmas and we’ve got a lot to be grateful for. We all worked very hard this year and it really paid off. As a result of your efforts, our associations’ membership grew, by 25% per cent. We now have our cultural equipment’s ready to promote our cultural and musical values. Our Restaurant day project was a real high and even our Summer picnics and other outdoor events we have had with our families were all successful. We now have our association website and the state of art membership and document management system to help us manage the association very efficiently and today we are launching our Almanac.
  5. I’m really proud of how we’ve all pulled together and the terrific results we have achieved. This is something we can all be proud of, I know that you often work hard far into the night and wonder if anyone has really noticed your active contribution to our association. Tonight, I want to reassure you: we do notice, we do appreciate what you do, we do value it, and we are grateful. I am sure that I can count on all of you, on your utmost dedication, inspiration and professionalism, in making this all happen. You are all, whatever your role and responsibilities, indispensable for our association.
  6. As you may realize we have made some preparations so that the spirit of Christmas can be felt in this association and inspire us to cleanse our hearts of all bad feelings, forgive the offences and unite us even more like the great family that we are.
  7. Christmas is a time that brings us many pleasant memories, even of our earliest childhood in the company of our family and our good friends, but also gives us the opportunity to meet again with our loved ones and lives many more special moments that we will remember with great affection, that is why we must prepare ourselves to celebrate this feast with our hearts full of hope, charity and love, to share it with all the people around us.
  8. For 2018, we are expecting another great year. Thanks to you we’ll be going into the new year with strength, to build on our accomplishments and to consolidate our position. I hope we will be even more successful during next year and gain a lot of new opportunities to present our cultural values and qualities. Let’s celebrate that.
  9. Before I sit down, I’m sure we’d all like to take a moment to say hello to the sister associations and friends that are represented here and welcome them. On behalf of the executives and the members of our association, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and celebrate it in the company of your loved ones receiving great blessings and discovering that there is no bigger gift than being together as a family, enjoying the peace and love of this beautiful party. And that’s what I wish for you all!
  10. I hope to see all of you back here next year. Please enjoy the evening, it may be a significant memory for all of us. “I wish you and your family a
  11. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  12. Thank you, a lot, for your attention. God bless!!!.

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Chairman of Anambra State Association Finland 

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