Superstition is not spirituality

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Most people mistake spirituality for superstition. These are two different things. Being superstitious is not the same thing as being ”spiritually alert”.

What I notice in most people is the former rather than the latter. “Binding and casting” at every cock that crows at odd hours, every bad dream you have, every insect that strays into your room, suspecting everybody around you and seeing the hand of the ”evil one” in everything is not a sign that you are prayerful.

Actually, it is most likely to be a proof that you are pathetically superstitious and need to be liberated from fear, so that you may enjoy the glorious ”freedom of the Children of God” that St. Paul speaks about.

Your priests and pastors won’t tell you this, because some badly need, and actually enjoy, your feeling of helplessness in the face of these imaginary forces…… Sadly, that’s what religion has turned out to be in Africa, especially in Nigeria. 
The infantile nature of this phenomenon makes one wonder how a huge chunk of our populace seem to be completely bereft of reason. Ignorance remains ignorance even when proclaimed from an altar

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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