Effect of Brain Drain or Skilled Labor Migration on Economic Development and Economic results of migration

This paper reviews the problem of brain drain or skill migration from developing countries mostly to industrialized countries. Some case studies are presented to illustrate some major problems facing Africans today in not being able to utilize optimally the human as well as material resources endowed to us by Almighty God to enable us to render our expertise for the development of our continent of Africa. This proposal includes the setting up of an International Academy of African Academics and Professionals in Diaspora (IAAPD). It is envisaged that IAAPD will have a Talent Bank which will be a database on African Academics and Professionals living and working inside African countries as well as outside with detailed information about the experts, their areas of expertise and products developed etc. Furthermore, professional resource centres which will be land-based as well as cyberspace or virtual based will be set up made of published information (journals, technical reports) and specialized research equipment/facilities available in African countries where African Academics and Professionals can have access to for their use as well as for developing upcoming African Academics and Professionals. It is envisaged that African countries will create an enabling environment through entry visas and professional short visit regulations for African academics and professionals to use their Sabbaticals, annual vacations, study/research leave, professional short visits etc. academic/ professional staff exchange to go to other African countries to render their service.

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