Interview question for a Business Analyst

Interview question for a Business Analyst

Highlight knowledge of technology integration as a business analyst

As a business analyst, you can play a key role in the integration of technology into your organization

What is a MOST analysis?

MOST analysis is a business analysis technique that is used to improve internal processes and company culture by analyzing the organization’s internal environment. MOST stands for Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Tactics.

What is a User story mapping

User story mapping is a technique for gathering and organizing user requirements

What is Kano analysis?

Kano analysis is a tool for understanding customer satisfaction. It was developed by Noriaki Kano in the 1980s

What is a process model?

A process model is a graphical representation of a process. Process models are used to understand, analyze, and improve processes

What is a high-level business requirement?

A high-level business requirement (HLBR) is a broad statement of a business need that must be met by a project or system

What is a Risk-weighted assets

Risk-weighted assets (RWAs) are assets that are assigned a risk weight based on their perceived riskiness

What is Portfolio management

Portfolio management is the process of selecting, monitoring, and adjusting an investment portfolio to meet the investor’s objectives.

What is a Syndicated Lending

A syndicated loan is a loan that is made by a group of lenders, rather than by a single lender.