It can be viewed that Africa like the Philippines suffered ceaselessly from the oppressive invaders during its colonial period. Colonialism brought a tremendous effect on the life of the African people.  It filled the nation with darkness, and it poured the citizen’s rights, freedom and desire.  It caused one’s life a big crack and made it taste bitter and sour.  They were manipulated like a robot. They were imprisoned in the land they owned. Furthermore, they were obliged to perform whatever the master asked them to do without any hesitation. If not, punishment will arise.


The consequences of European Colonization on African people

The Byproduct of European Colonization on African people

“That Africa has been an "altruistic repository" were all western media search and tap their awful stories and news to tell the world is a fact we have to live with. Most times, they paint Africa more than “black” that it is. This Article takes another dimension to point out that Africa before the colonialist attack is not that bad. It stresses that the major problems of Africa now may have been caused by the marauders and imperialist from the western world.