African pastors and miracle

90% of what’s trending in Africa now is miracle and wonders

The way magic sorry I mean miracle and wonders have been advertised in churches and mosques these days left one to wonder if Christ’s salvific message is centred on Miracle only. Even our Muslim brothers have joined in the business. My take is that in a country where citizens are left to fend for themselves; one definitely needs such Panadol. lol 


Mostly, in many African countries now, the best of what’s trending is miracle and wonders. If you want to write an exam soon, there is no need to study anymore; All you need is to pray hard and perhaps fast for 40 days or instead seek for any of these miracle-making pastoneurs to pray for you. Surely you will come out in flying colours even without studying your books lol.


If you are sick now, it is the only prayer can heal you; you don’t need to go to the hospital anymore instead if you must visit anywhere at all it should be their miracle houses for the prophet’s healing and magical touch.


If you need a job now, yea, no need to apply for the job anymore instead you must sow your seed in their churches and wait for God blessing; probably you will wake up to receive calls of job offers from companies you did not even apply for the job in the first place.


If you are looking for a husband or wife, waoo search no more, just visit their miracle houses, and those pastoneurs will miraculously create or manufacture your soul mate in 7 days; lol.


If you need a visa to travel abroad, sure they can fix this for you, of course, you have to remember to pay your tithe when it happens. Everybody is now possessed of one evil spirit or the other and need to be interrogated on the television before the devil is cast out.


Whatever that troubles you now, name it, you must consult a man of God or prophet. They have the final panacea to your problems. Even if you want to travel to your village from where you are right now; sure, you need to be fortified with prayers and festooned with miraculous sacramental to equip you against your enemies. 

The funniest and scariest part of it all is that we have lost sense of who we are and sense of direction, we now give these people the privilege to decide our fates, our future careers, our vocation, and we consult them now on a daily basis to foretell our future. We even ask them to manipulate God by asking them to pray for us to become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, an actor all in the bid to become a moneybag, a baron, a magnate overnight. Oh, I get it; everybody wants to be rich overnight. #ThereisGod

I still wonder why these miracles and wonders are not top priorities in civilized countries. Don’t they need a miracle? 

But don’t get it twisted, I believe in the miracle at least my very existence is a proof of that. My contention is that I don’t understand the concept of the miracle that we advertise in churches nowadays. Yes, I don’t believe in them. I mean I don’t believe in their magic or staged miracle anymore; for that sham, manipulations have killed the industrious spirit of our people. It has reduced our desire to work hard or seek for scientific knowledge. It has indeed made my people become lazy. It has also impeded research and development in most African countries. Even our so-called leaders don’t want to work anymore as they depended on miracle and wonders as a last resort.


But wait, even with the rise in the number of these miracle workers and televangelists in Nigeria, the plight of Nigeria is doubling. Why? I think the miracle is not really the answer to our problem after all. We need to wake up from this Fairy tale Dreams and face the real world.


Be sure that if you study hard, you will pass your exams. If you get sick, try to go to any available health clinic around you to get proper medication, it will go a long way, and if you have applied for a job and it isn’t forthcoming, you don’t really need magical job offers; try to start up something and be your boss. 


Remember God in ab initio has endowed us with sufficient tools to kick-start us on the journey of success. Let us use them.

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