The Charleston church massacre – A Painful death

With the emergence of video and social media technology over the last 5years, we have witnessed countless Police shooting of innocent blacks and Latinos and the racial disparities in use of force. 
Since Politicians are afraid to talk about the issue because of fear of hurting stakeholders’ feelings. I am afraid more and more black people will still be murdered in cold blood if nothing is done especially the fact that some police officers are guilty of similar crime.

Today, we witness another deadly if not the most, vicious attacks in the so called developed world. The Charleston church massacre. 9 people reported dead. Police reports that the suspect has been arrested and may have apparent interest in white supremacy. This is sad and heart breaking. Most developing countries in Africa and Asia are looking up to America as their perfect model for a free country and these human right abuses and senseless killings are not portraying that image. 

“There is something particularly heartbreaking about a death happening in a place in which we seek solace and we seek peace, in a place of worship.” Barack Obama

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