Is this not clear now to some of you that supported the toppling of Qaddafi government? The consequence of that singular unsavory action is hurting every nation including Nigeria. Thousands of sophisticated weaponry supplied by the US, France and NATO members during the period Qaddafi was deposed is now flying into the hands of Boko Haram terrorist.

In this video, US Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz says the Middle East was better off under Mummaar Gaddaffi and Saddam Hussein. Can that possibly be true? Not only is it true but the numbers behind it will stun you! This is a Reality Check!

African government should learn to think for their best interest and avoid supporting any unfavourable policies either to please the West or feel belong. I feel bad that the terrible consequence of that action is hurting everybody now, it would have been better if it is served to only those that participated or supported that horrible act