The Nigerian government and the police should stop killing peaceful protesters for just nothing

This government and the Nigerian police should stop killing peaceful protesters for just nothing. This extrajudicial killing has to stop. Nigerian Citizens have the right to a peaceful protest. As long as the protest is a peaceful one, they should be protected not molested or beaten.

As it stands now, the presidency and his policemen are tying themselves with a long rope that may be difficult to untie. This is not the military era. The eyes of the world are gradually turning towards the east. Intimidation is not a way out. If protest persists…try to sit down with them and look for a better way to solve the lingering issues.

Fox News, one of the US mainstream Conservative media platform has this to say today about Nigerian police.…/group-11-killed-at-nigeria-pro-tru…

This is not the Obama era. If Erratic and vindictive Trump should view this government as anti-trump government…. hmmm!!!!