The current Nigerian state is a joke. The poor masses are busy attacking and hating themselves on social media while the elites are busy looting.

Thank God for this recent biafran youth agitation that has prompted this restructuring debate. I wish and hope that we the poor masses will reduce the bickering, insult and hatred we trade online and refocus our mind on the main issues. We must refuse vehemently this “my brother or my tribe syndrome”. It is killing us. If the president or governor is not doing well, don’t continue to support him just because he is from your place or because you share the same faith with him. You know what… because he will continue to enrich himself and you will continue to remain poor. Let’s wise up.

I feel disappointed to see that whenever there is a debate going on..instead of our people to react to the issues…. the Hausas are on this side attacking Igbos and Yorubas, Igbos are on the other side attacking Hausas and Yorubas and Yorubas are attacking Igbos and Hausas and the main issues are never addressed. Who benefits? The elite. because they will be happy looting while you kill yourselves. It is a pity.

See, if there is any strong evidence that Jonathan or Obasanjo or Buhari or anybody stole from our common treasury. Let’s not spare any of them… you know why. because you will never benefit from his/her loots.

The north has produced more than 8 presidents since we got independence but the poverty level in the north is still the highest. So you see that it is not wise or beneficial to you to continue to support these politicians simply because he is from your place, since his presence in those positions can not put decent food on your table anyway… folks.. let’s refocus