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MOST analysis is a strategic planning tool that helps organizations define their mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics. It is a simple but effective way to ensure that all levels of the organization are aligned and working towards the same goals.


The mission statement is a brief declaration of the organization’s purpose. It should be clear, concise, and aspirational. A well-written mission statement can help to:

  • Define the organization’s identity
  • Communicate the organization’s values
  • Inspire employees and stakeholders


The objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals that the organization wants to achieve. Objectives should be aligned with the organization’s mission and should be SMART.


The strategies are the plans that the organization will use to achieve its objectives. Strategies should be specific, feasible, and sustainable.


The tactics are the specific actions that the organization will take to implement its strategies. Tactics should be measurable, achievable, and relevant.

MOST analysis is a valuable tool for any organization that wants to improve its strategic planning process. By taking the time to define their mission, objectives, strategies, and tactics, organizations can increase their chances of success.

Here are some examples of how MOST analysis can be used:

  • A new startup company might use MOST analysis to define its mission, which could be something like “to provide the best possible customer service.” The company’s objectives might include increasing customer satisfaction by 10% in the next year, reducing customer churn by 5%, and increasing sales by 20%. The company’s strategies might include hiring more customer service representatives, implementing a new customer feedback system, and offering more personalized customer service. The company’s tactics might include training customer service representatives on how to handle difficult customer interactions, developing a customer satisfaction survey, and creating a customer loyalty program.
  • A large corporation might use MOST analysis to update its strategic plan. The company’s mission might be to “be the leading provider of technology solutions.” The company’s objectives might include increasing market share by 5% in the next year, launching three new products, and increasing employee satisfaction by 10%. The company’s strategies might include expanding into new markets, acquiring new companies, and investing in research and development. The company’s tactics might include hiring new sales representatives, developing new marketing campaigns, and launching a new employee engagement program.

MOST analysis is a versatile tool that can be used by organizations of all sizes and in all industries. By taking the time to conduct a MOST analysis, organizations can improve their strategic planning process and increase their chances of success

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