Tell me what we become of a country where “her youths” have little chance of becoming anything but campaigners of septuagenarians and octogenarians candidates in the 21st century ….. 

Why are we normalizing this trend….. what kind of political parties do we really have in Nigeria? elder leadership party????? 

But folks…. What positive impacts or development do we really enjoy from this gerontocratic system of government..?

2019 presidential election is loading, instead of our youth to speak out for a young vibrant leaders who are abreast with todays global intelligence oversight to lead them .. you see them on social media fighting for our grandpas to rule them again… mtchewww

I have known that the problem of Nigeria is not only tribalism, corruption or religious intolerance but the pliable and malleable nature of our youth that can easily be manipulated by these elders ……May God save us……..